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I had a once in a lifetime holiday...never again.

I jest of course. There are holidays, and then there are those holidays/trips/expeditions that remain with you forever. The kind of events you look back on when old and grey and full of sleep and think "yeah, I did that".

Queensland was very definitely one such holiday, a cross between natural history and relaxation.

I am being selfish here and speaking only from my own perspective - the Natural History stuff - but it's my web site so I guess I am allowed to.

The following pages will give you an insight into some of the wonderful flora and fauna of the Queensland region. The rainforest there is the oldest on earth (did you know that?) and it covers less that 2% of Australia. It's fragile, it's a world heritage site and it is a truly remarkable place.

It's hard to believe that I made a round trip of 20,000 miles to see a spider but life's a funny old thing isn't it?

In the absence of the thing coming to me I had to make the journey and I am glad I did. It was a tremendous adventure.

I wrote a book about the trip, and I am very pleased to have sold it around the world and that it has been well received. I am grateful to Jon Downes at CFZ press for having the belief in me. Thanks also to everyone else who was involved with the trip.

Last, but certainly not least thanks to Susan Watson my intrepid and long suffering girlfriend for all her support and encouragement...I wouldn't have wanted to do this without you.

Welcome to the Daintree.

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What? You thought I had only written one?

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