I want to know what you thought after a perusal of my site. Forget the technical stuff - I am learning and HTML is not exactly thrilling at the best of times.

I am talking about the content, in particular

What did you like?

What didn't you like?

What would you like to see me put in?

If you can find the time, please email me and I will be delighted to read what you have to say.

Feel free to give me material for any of the pages. I cannot promise I will upload it but if you don't buy a ticket etc... Email me

Thanks to Teresa for saying how cute I looked as a kid. The picture you see top left of the page was me in Birmingham aged three. I nicked my nan's spectacles for this. I was destined to be a clown! Here's another shot of me aged three in Clarach Bay...

Here's a selection of comments about the site which went 'live' on Sunday 27th March 2011.

- Carl, It looks great. You should be proud. I will look in often. (Annette, Maryland)

- Carl, your web site is fantastic. I've checked out some of it and I really love your photos.. You are a great photographer. You make me think of trying a web site of my own.... maybe I'll get to it. Congratulations on yours. Love, Helen (New York)

- Not bad my boy !!! (Steve, UK)

- Yeah yeah! - I can see various under construction signs, but it's all good. Good on you son, good on you.(AlexK)

- Carl - well done my friend! Your tastes in Rock music match my own and your website is great! (Michael P, Texas)

- Carl, you are awesome. Love the website and put it in my favorites. (Ann Marie, New Zealand)

- Oh Carl I find it magic, really enjoyed it. It is a big step putting your life out there, and am so pleased you have let us share with you. Oh by the way, that flag that was being draped over the crowd at the football game, was that CARL PORTMAN I saw written at the top of it. Come on, what is the story with that one, seems worth an explanation please.

Oh and I realize Darwin is a celebrity, but to me he is just such an interesting companion, friend, and co-walker. The way you describe his antics and adventures on your walks make me feel I am there with him, and would love to be able to give the guy a big hug and cuddle. Could just imagine sitting amongst the grasses in one of your beautiful English fields with Darwin running around chasing butterflies. OK, a bit of an old english painting, but oh how idyllic.(Ozchrissy - Australia)

- Many congratulations, Carl. Loved it! 'England' made me feel soooo homesick; and I just adored Darwin. (Eve, Western Australia)

- Carl, Your site is not basic - it is awesome and beautifully displayed. I simply love the presentation. Excellent job and keep up the great work on it. I have designed sites and this is extremly cool especially using html for the first time.(Bob,Texas)

- Great site Carl - not sure about the Villa bit though. (Gary, England)

- WOW, awesome website! I really enjoyed your photography! The poetry and prose section is a great idea too! Cool -Kristin

- Carl, well done, especially for an initial offering. You're quite the renaissance man, you may need a bigger battery to keep up with yourself. (ROBO Pop, USA)